chemicals for REACH regulation

REACH and consortia

Abrasives such as coated, non-woven, bonded and super-abrasives are articles with no intended release. Abrasives manufacturers’ members of FEPA are well aware of the requirements set by the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals), and the timetables for pre-registration and registration. The next deadline for registration of substances manufactured or imported in quantities < 100 tpa is the 31st of May 2018.

FEPA is providing support to its members and non-members for registration of substances necessary for manufacturing abrasives products like Diamond and CBN, Naphthalene. Furthermore, FEPA is closely following regulatory initiatives concerning substances used in the abrasive industry and informs member companies accordingly. On behalf of its members, FEPA participates in public consultations and supports knowledge gathering on industry and authority level. All with the aim to guarantee safe use of substances in the abrasive industry and to ensure that all products will continue to be available under REACH.

ECHA leaflets

Commission services, in collaboration with ECHA, regularly publish leaflets to raise awareness and provide tips and reminders for companies regarding their tasks under REACH and CLP. On the ECHA website, you find leaflets to various topics related to REACH and CLP in the official languages of the European Union.

ECHA tips for chemicals users

ECHA published a guide about the REACH regulation giving tips for users of chemicals. The goal is to explain how it affects them in the workplace. It is a 16 pages document that can be download in a PDF format.

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