Consortium Naphthalene

In 2009 European manufacturers of naphthalene have officially informed FEPA that they indent to register naphthalene only as intermediate. Against this background, abrasives manufacturers gathered in FEPA have decided to form a consortium that is preparing those parts of a REACH registration dossier that are required for the use of this substance in the abrasive industry. The consortium has been set up and is working under the umbrella of FEPA. Subsequently, naphthalene has been registered under REACH for the use in the abrasive industry in 2010.

Naphthalene is included in the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for a substance evaluation in 2016. Currently the UK REACH competent authority „Health and Safety Executive” is performing the substance evaluation. The aim of the substance evaluation is to clarify if the manufacture and/or use of a substance could pose a risk to human health or the environment. Following the evaluation by Member States, further information may be requested from the registrant of the substance in case additional data is considered necessary to clarify a suspected risk. Alternatively, it may be concluded that the substance does not constitute a risk and that no further data is needed.

Membership in the naphthalene consortium is the best and most cost efficient solution for companies which require naphthalene to produce their products. Information about membership and consortium agreement will be communicated upon request at FEPA.

For more information or any questions you can contact FEPA or BiPRO GmbH with the Consortium Manager:
0049 (0)89 189 790 50
0049 (0)89 189 790 52

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