Consortium diamond & CBN

In order to guarantee that registration requirements for diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) set by the REACH regulation are fulfilled in the most timely and cost-effective manner, a REACH consortium for diamond and CBN has been established under the umbrella of FEPA for the purpose of assisting its members and non members that produce and/or import Diamond and/or Cbn to register these substances.

The consortium is operating since March 2009 and counts leading manufacturers and importers of diamond and CBN amongst its members. Diamond and CBN have successfully been registered well in advance of the registration deadline for substances manufactured or imported in volumes of > 100 tpa in 2013.

Letters of access granting access to the joint submission are available for companies holding registration obligations for diamond and/or CBN.

For the details on the consortium and the conditions for the letters of access please contact the consortium manager and FEPA REACH contact:
Consortium Manager - BiPRO GmbH
0049 (0)89 189 790 50
0049 (0)89 189 790 52

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