three FEPA safety codes for a safe use of abrasive products


Safety documents

FEPA has published safety codes and leaflets that can be ordered or downloaded directly online for all type of abrasives...

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FEPA and the national association promote high quality training and advise users regarding the selection of training providers...

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Learn how to use abrasive products on our new website dedicated to safety. Find here all the recommendations to avoid accidents ...

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5 Steps to ensure your security

Step One : Conformity to standards
Only use abrasives that conform to the European safety standards. Don't take risks by purchasing products with no EN number marked on the wheel. FEPA members take great care to ensure that their products are in compliance with the European and International standards.

Step Two: Safety leaflets
Ensure that safety information is provided with your abrasive products. To be in compliance with the European standards, abrasives manufacturers must supply information to the end user for a safe use of their products. FEPA provides several leaflets with all the needed information to avoid accidents. They can be download for free from our website (see Safety Leaflets page)

Step Three: Safety codes
Read the FEPA safety codes available in different languages. The information given in these documents forms the basis of any safety training program. To learn more about them, click here.

Step Four: Training
Ensure everyone using abrasive wheels is properly trained. It is a legal requirement for all people using abrasive products to be trained. There is no substitute for proper training and it is very important that you select an accredited organisation for your training requirements to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. Never allow untrained people to mount or use abrasive products.

Step Five: Website dedicated to safety
FEPA has created a website entirely dedicated to safety. You will find on it essential safety recommendations for every type of abrasives and applications. The website also propose the latest news concerning the standards and regulations, and the abrasive industry. Besides it offers tutorials on videos to avoid accidents et injury while using abrasives products. Visit the website Abrasives Safety to be safe.


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