Precision Superabrasives

The term superabrasives relates to grinding polishing or dressing tools manufactured using diamond or CBN as the abrasive. These tools are able to machine a broad spectrum of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Diamond or CBN abrasive can be held in various bond materials including metal, resinoid, electroplated and vitrified. These tools have a broad spectrum of application.

This page is dedicated to precision engineering uses. Superabrasives are generally superior in lifetime compared to “conventional bonded abrasives” and offer the ability to cut or grind hard to machine materials with relative ease.


Technical information

Standard EN 13236

cover page of the standard EN 13236

Standard EN 13236

This standard present the safety requirements for  superabrasives. Current edition: 2011. The European safety standards can be purchased at your national standardisation bodies. Click on on the button "Read more" to visit ISO website and find the contact information for them.

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Standard shapes & dimensions

cover page of the FEPA standard for shapes and dimensions of precision super-abrasives

Standard shapes & dimensions

This book show symbols and their definitions, as well as the preferred dimensions and shapes, and dimensional tables for preferred shapes with a glossary of terms. Click on the button "Read more" to download our form to order it.

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Safety code

cover page of the FEPA safety code for precision superabrasives

Safety code

This code covers safety aspects in the handling, transportation, storage, preparation, use and disposal of precision superabrasives. Click on the button "Read more" to have more information about the content and know how to order it in your language.

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