Coated abrasives

Coated abrasives consist out of a backing material - typically paper, woven cloth, cloth/paper combination, polyester film or vulcanised fibre - to which is bonded one of the abrasive grain types listed in our abrasive grain section. 

An initial 'make' coating of resin is applied to the backing, the chosen abrasive grain is then electro-coated onto the surface, followed by a second or ' size' coating of resin to lock in the abrasive particles.

Following an oven cure, the resulting materials are converted into various forms, shapes and sizes of belts, rolls, discs or wheels to grind, de-burr, finish and polish products in a vast range of applications. See below some examples of coated abrasives.

two plain abrasive sheets
Plain sheets

an abrasive sheet with holes
Sheet with holes

an abrasive triangle sheet with holes
Triangle with holes

an abrasive disc with holes
Disc with holes

a plain coated disc
Plain disc

an abrasive coated disc with a slotted hole
Disc with slotted hole

three fibre discsVulcanised fibre discs

an abrasive roll

an abrasive belt

Wide belt

a flap disc
Flap disc

a flap wheel
Flap wheel




a spindle mounted flap wheel
Spindle mounted flap wheel




Technical information

Standard EN 13743

cover page of the standard EN 13743

Standard EN 13743

This standard present the safety requirements for coated abrasives (2002). Current edition: 2009. The European safety standards can be purchased at your national standardisation bodies. Click on on the button "Read more" to visit ISO website and find the contact information for them.

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Leaflet for belt

cover page of the FEPA safety leaflet about abrasive belts

Leaflet for belt

This leaflets provides the main safety recommendations for a safe use of an abrasive belt. It focuses on the use of coated abrasives belts for grinding. To have more information about this document and download it for free in your language, click on the button "Read more".

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Safety code

cover page of the FEPA safety code for coated abrasives

Safety code

This code covers safety aspects in the handling, transportation, storage, preparation, use and disposal of coated abrasives. Click on the button "Read more" to have more information about the content and know how to order it in your language.

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Companies' lists by country

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