Bonded abrasives

Bonded abrasives are a mixture of abrasive grains, fillers and bonding materials. The bonding agent can be vitreous; resin, rubber, shellac, epoxy, magnesite and a range of bonding materials often referred to as a ‘plastic’. Throughout the industry many developments have been made using new types of abrasive grain and bond developments to increase the performance of the bonded abrasive product. Each product is designed to give a specific finish, speed of cutting and stock removal or cutting requirements. 

Bonded abrasives can be used to cut-off and to grind on different hand-held machines: angle grinders, petrol saws, straight grinder, vertical grinder...

See below some examples of bonded abrasives.


a flat reinforced resinoid cutting-off wheel
Flat reinforced cutting-off wheel

a depressed centre reinforced resinoid cutting-off wheel
Depressed centre reinforced cutting-off wheel

a depressed centre reinforced grinding wheel
Depressed centre reinforced grinding wheel

a coolie hat abrasive
Coolie hat for grinding

a rondello abrasive
Rondello for grinding

a flat reinforced reinsoid grinding wheel
Flat reinforced grinding wheel

a flat unreinforced resinoid grinding wheel
Flat unreinforced grinding wheel

 four resinoid grinding cups
Resinoid grinding cups

three resinoid bond mounted points
Resinoid bond mounted points

four rubber bond mounted points
Rubber bond mounted points

three vitrified bond mounted points
Vitrified bond mounted points


Technical information

Standard EN 12413

cover page of the standard EN 12413

Standard EN 12413

This standard present the safety requirements for bonded abrasives (1999). Current edition: 2011EN. The European safety standards can be purchased at your national standardisation bodies. Click on on the button "Read more" to visit ISO website and find the contact information for them.

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Safety leaflet

cover page of the FEPA safety leaflet for cutting-off and grinding with bonded abrasives

Safety leaflet

This leaflet focuses on the use of cutting and grinding wheels for angle grinders. It provides a selection of 10 majors safety recommendations illustrated by drawings. It especially focuses on the marking required on the wheel by the European safety standards. To have more information about this document and download it for free in your language, click on the button "Read more".

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Safety code

cover page of the FEPA safety code for bonded abrasive products

Safety code

This code covers safety aspects in transportation, storage, use and disposal of abrasives bonded wheels. Click on the button "Read more" to have more information about the content and how to order it in your language.

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