The ISO Standardisation Committee for Grinding Wheels and Abrasives Has a New Chairman

ISO/TC 29/SC 5 Has a New Leadership

The ISO Standardisation Committee for Grinding Wheels and Abrasives Has a New Chairman

Berlin, Germany (Friday, January 3rd, 2017) - On the 1st of January 2017, Gerhard Struth took over from Geoff Clarke as Chairman of ISO/TC 29/SC 5, the standardisation sub-committee for grinding wheels and abrasives. Mr. Clarke of Tassia has been a member of ISO/TC 29/SC 5 since 1993, and had chaired the committee since 1999.


With a career spanning many decades, Gerhard Struth has acquired an extensive knowledge of the abrasive industry and a solid background in standardisation. For over twenty years, he polished his skills at Hermes Schleifwerkzeuge in Hamburg, Germany, eventually holding the position of head of Research and Development. Mr. Struth’s body of work also reveals an innate sense for developing sensical standards. Indeed, he chaired FEPA Technical Committee for coated abrasives from 1999 to 2004, supervised the publication of the FEPA Safety Codes for coated abrasives, and initiated in 2012 the revision of the EN 13743 standard for coated abrasives. His candidacy for the ISO chairmanship, supported by FEPA and the VDS (the German Abrasives Association), was unanimously voted by the members of the ISO Committee.


ISO International Standards are essential to ensure that the abrasive products placed on the market are safe, reliable and of good quality. They are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors, and by increasing productivity. Many of them, often referred in other standards worldwide, are referenced in the European (EN) standards for abrasives that aim to ensure the safe use of abrasives products: EN 12413 for bonded abrasives, EN 13743 for coated abrasives, and EN 13236 for superabrasives.


The ISO/TC 29/SC 5 committee, with its seventeen (17) participating countries and twelve (12) observing countries, has published seventy (70) ISO standards, including their update. The next committee meeting will take place in Marseille, France on June 7th, 2017. Please click here to see the list of published ISO standards under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 29/SC 5.

About FEPA

FEPA, the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, is an association representing over 80% of the European producers of abrasive products, a world leader, including SMEs and international companies in the world, as well as the abrasives National Associations and their members. FEPA Members cover 90% of abrasives European production, exporting 35% of it in the world.

FEPA’s missions, aside from representing the European abrasive industry, are to promote the safe use of abrasives produced in Europe and the safety of the end-users, to inform members on the evolution of the regulatory framework in Europe and worldwide, to support the producers with a range of technical, legal and scientific services, and to anticipate future challenges in the abrasives sector.

FEPA also has strong connections with non-European federations and abrasive producers in countries such as the USA.

The member companies produce all types of high quality abrasives:

·         Bonded abrasives (inorganic and organic);

·         Coated and non-woven abrasives;

·         Superabrasives (diamond and cBN) for precision grinding, and;

·         Superabrasives for stone and construction.

Abrasives are essential components weaved into numerous industries such as construction, automobile, aeronautics, environment, optical activities, glass, electronics… and also DIY.

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