A new FEPA website!

New design and new features

A new FEPA website!

FEPA has remodeled its website to communicate better with its members, the professionals of the abrasives industry but also with the general public. Indeed FEPA offers numerous services for the DIYers, espacially concerning safety (codes, leaflets, videos...).

The goal of this new website is to propose in a new full responsive design, new features to find more easily the information you are looking for. For instance, we published a map to locate and contact quickly our members. We also created pages dedicated to each publication we produce.

The pages dedicated to each type of abrasive products have also been reviewed and enhanced to give clear information on what are these products technically speaking, what should the users look for on them to use them safely, which publication are related to them...

Last but not least, the Environment pages have been entirely updated to give you the most updated information in terms of regulation. The abrasives producers can find there very useful information and some contacts if they have specific questions.

FEPA is wishing you a nice discovery of its new website and thank you for your visit!

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