FEPA, Moving Forward in its #Industry4Europe Strategy

The Abrasive Industry Works with the EU to Ensure the #FutureofEurope

FEPA, Moving Forward in its #Industry4Europe Strategy

Paris, France (Tuesday, September 12th, 2017) – With 130 associations, FEPA signed at the beginning of the year a Joint Declaration for an aspiring EU industrial strategy (#Industry4Europe), calling on the European Commission to reaffirm its commitment to reaching the target of 20% of GDP from industry, with an ambitious and realistic timeline. A delegation of Association’s General Directors will be meeting with the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tanjani in early Fall to officially hand him over the Joint Declaration.


Europe is the cradle of the manufacturing industry and has been at the forefront of industrial revolutions and technological innovations. The industry directly employs over 34 million people across all Member States in supply chains, comprising hundreds of thousands of SMEs and larger suppliers. It also indirectly accounts for millions of additional jobs in related sectors. However, the share of manufacturing in total EU output fell from 18.8% to 15.3% between 2000 and 2014, while 3.5 million manufacturing jobs were lost between 2008 and 2014.


Meanwhile, countries around the world are putting industry at the very top of their political agendas. The “Make in India” strategy aims to ensure India is “the next manufacturing destination” and “Made in China 2025” seeks to turn China into the “leading manufacturing power”. The recent US shift towards “America First” will inevitably have a strong impact on their industrial policy.


We also invite the President of the European Commission, President Junker to take our call for an EU industrial strategy in his State of the Union (#SOTEU) speech that he will deliver in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on September 13th, 2017. An EU industrial strategy is a must to ensure the #FutureofEurope.


About FEPA

FEPA, the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, is an association representing over 80% of the European producers of abrasive products, a world leader, including SMEs and international companies in the world, as well as the abrasives National Associations and their members. FEPA Members cover 90% of abrasives European production, exporting 35% of it in the world.


FEPA’s missions, aside from representing the European abrasive industry, are to promote abrasives produced in Europe, to inform members on the evolution of the regulatory framework in Europe and worldwide, to support the producers with a range of technical, legal and scientific services, and to anticipate future challenges in the abrasives sector.


FEPA also has strong connections with non-European federations and abrasive producers in countries such as the USA.

The member companies produce all types of high quality abrasives:

  • Bonded abrasives (inorganic and organic);
  • Coated and non-woven abrasives;
  • Superabrasives (diamond and CBN) for precision grinding, and;
  • Superabrasives for stone and construction.

Abrasives are essential components weaved into numerous industries such as construction, automobile, aeronautics, environment, optical activities, glass, electronics… and also DIY.




Franck Verguet, General Secretary

+33 (0)1 45 81 25 90

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