Are Importers/Producers of Diamond & cBN Grains Ready for the May 31st, 2018 REACH Deadline?

A Quick Guide for Importers/Producers of Diamond & cBN Grains

Are Importers/Producers of Diamond & cBN Grains Ready for the May 31st, 2018 REACH Deadline?

Paris, France - REACH imposes on all importers and producers in the EU/EEA an obligation of declaration and registration within a specific timeframe for all substances and preparations. The final deadline for the registration is set to May 31st, 2018. This matter concerns, in particular, superabrasives producers of diamond and cBN grains.

Who Needs A Registration?

In their role as importers/manufacturers, producers of diamond and cBN grains who import more than 1 tonne per year must obtain the registration before the deadline. If they don’t import more than 1 tonne per year, they must ensure that their suppliers, importers or producers, have obtained the necessary registration for the grains they are supplying.

Distribution Companies, with no physical storage of imported diamond and cBN grains on-site, are not impacted by REACH requirements. In this case, customers themselves are the importers under REACH and have registration obligations, if their annual tonnage is > 1 tonne per year.

What Happens if I Don’t Obtain the Registration by the Deadline?

If a registration is needed, but not obtained by the given deadline, the importers/producers will no longer be allowed to manufacture, import or supply diamond or cBN grains in the EU/EEA.

Can Anyone Help with the Registration?

Two consortia have registered diamond and cBN at ECHA under REACH in 2011, and have submitted the registration documents for these two substances to ECHA, which allowed for their members to register them and import or produce them in Europe in compliance with REACH.

What if my Company is not a Member of the Two Consortia?

Companies who are not members of the consortia can register before the deadline by purchasing “Letters of Access” (LoAs) from the consortia, and thus guarantee their supply after the 2018 deadline. National and local authorities are in charge of the REACH compliance checks and it is expected that, in the future, these checks will be enforced more systematically.

Who to Contact?

Please contact Dr. Benedikt Fischer at BiPRO, in Munich at

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