Alteo ARC La Bâthie becomes ARC FUSED ALUMINA

ARC Fused Alumina Makes its First Steps as an Independent Business

Alteo ARC La Bâthie becomes ARC FUSED ALUMINA

Paris, France (Tuesday, January 24th, 2017) - Alteo ARC La Bâthie and Beyrède activities have been acquired by the Imerys group. Imerys has committed, as a condition agreed upon during its discussions with the European Commission, to divest the business of La Bâthie. As a result, although La Bâthie will be owned by Imerys until the divestment has taken place, this business unit will be managed separately and independently from Imerys.


Effective January 1st, 2017, Beyrède has merged with Imerys Fused Minerals and La Bâthie has become an independent business unit for a transition period of 6 months.


La Bâthie has a new name and a new branding identity: ARC Fused Alumina ( With this change, ARC Fused Alumina highlights its core business, fused aluminas, the fusion process (ARC furnaces), and some of the applications (Abrasives, Refractories, Ceramics). ARC Fused Alumina will keep on producing with the three existing plants located near Albertville, France (100km from Geneva).


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