FEPA's organisation


organisation chart of the European federation of abrasive

FEPA's members are the European Producers of Abrasives who can join the Federation through three different types of membership:

■ National Associations: 7 associations are FEPA members, which include the companies that subscribed to them. This represents a total of 170 companies
■ Individual Members: this concerns companies in countries where there is no national association and for which their turnover is equal or below 40M €. Over 10 companies have joined the federation under this membership type.
■ Direct Members: this applies to companies with a turnover over 40M €. Over 20 companies are direct members in FEPA

The federation is the place where companies closely collaborate on important issues that the technical commissions deal with. Over 70 experts are participating actively in the FEPA commissions. They are supported by consulting experts assigned by FEPA from Bipro, Tassia and MPA Darmstadt, as well as by FEPA partners which are the DIN and the UAMA, and by Cerame-Unie, the European Federation of Ceramic Industries in Brussels. This cooperation is coordinated by the secretary with support of the commissions, the chairmen and the presidency.

FEPA's activities

FEPA is working on the following subjects:
■ Standardisation: EN, EN ISO, ISO, FEPA 
■ Safety and technical publications: safety codes, safety leaflets, a technical dictionary. 
■ Health, Safety and Environment issues related to abrasives 
■ Special projects contained in the agreed work program

FEPA members have experts working in the Technical Commissions on the subjects presented above. The commissions gather between 20 and 50 experts. They meet twice a year to establish working programs and review the progress of working groups on these programs. The working groups include approximately 10 to 15 experts who meet twice a year in addition to the other meetings, and work also regularly by video-conferences on the issues decided by the commissions.

Commission I

Bonded abrasives

Commission II

Coated abrasives

Commission III


Commission V


Commission VI

Health, Safety & Environment

Combined Commission

Issues common to all the commissions

Management Committee

Jan Cord Becker - President
Stefan Sjöberg - Vice-president 

Representatives nominated by the National Associations:
Dominique Bourges - President of SNAS (France)
John Willis - President of the BAF (UK)
Christian Koidl - President of the FSKI (Austria)
Juan-Ignacio Yagüe - President of ANFA (Spain)
Thomas Roth - President of the VDS (Germany)
Gianni Scotti - President of the Abrasives Group of Federchimica (Italy)
Staffan Sonesson - President of SSDL (Sweden)

Representatives of companies:
Ugo Filippi - SAIT
Laura Galli - 3M
Dieter Hermann - Imerys Fused Minerals
Steffen Neu - Klingspor
Xavier Orlhac - Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Patrick Sandman - Levanto Oy
Diethard Sinram - Starcke
Norbert Texler - Tyrolit

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