two angle grinders, one cutting off and the other grinding with bonded abrasive wheels

About us

FEPA is the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives. It is a Federation representing the European manufacturers of abrasive products including the largest abrasive companies in the world...

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a meeting to present the abrasive industry


The Federation is the place where companies closely collaborate on important technical issues within the technical commissions. Over 70 experts are actively participating in the FEPA commissions...

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FEPA works closely with partners and associations that surround the industry and support its work. With this tight network of partners, the Federation can effectively work with national and European authorities on issues impacting the abrasive industry...

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FEPA's missions are organised around 4 objectives: (1) Promote; (2) Inform; (3) Support; and (4) Propose. The Federation works for producers in Europe and the end-users, and with public authorities, regulations organisations, agencies ...

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European map


FEPA members are European producers of abrasives products. Three types of membership are proposed. With an interactive map and a list of its members, FEPA demonstrates European the strength of the abrasive industry in Europe...

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FEPA's office


If a company is interested in becoming a FEPA member and fits its basic membership eligibility requirements, it can contact the Federation via email or by phone. Please note that FEPA does not sell nor endorse any abrasive products...

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